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The USA Department of Communication awards recognize the achievements and accomplishments undergraduate and graduate students have made academically, departmentally, scholarly and creatively.
Distinguished Achievement Award
The Distinguished Achievement Awards recognizes outstanding academic achievement, and is given to undergraduate students who have earned a cumulative GPA between 3.75 and 4.0 and  completed 45% of their coursework at USA.
Destinee Bliss
Mariel DeVaughan
Haley Armstrong
Stacie Bevens
Deborah Crabtree
Jenna Hassell
Mary Beth Lursen
Melissa Sterling
Kalyn Sutherland
Kristi Williams
Kelsey Farris
Elizabeth Finamore
Andi Sowers
Garrett Cain
Carey Cox
Heidi Harmon
Meredith Jenkins
Lisa Benton
Eric Hatfield
Jennifer Williams

Outstanding Communication Major Award
The Outstanding Communication Major Award is given to undergraduate students who have earned a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5, earned a GPA of at least 3.0 in major coursework and completed 45% of their coursework at USA.
Travis Adkins
Jennifer Bazzel
Sharisma Bell
Paige Billington
Brandon Bridge
Dallas Gibbons
Aliyah Nobles
Victoria Wheeler
Shellie Brooks
Kristina Machen
Daniel Moran
Brittany Otis
Christopher Sagaert
Kathryn Segers
John Cannning
Tammy Denton
Cassandra Fambro
Kristen Golightly
Kimberly Hart
Kristin Hollis
Susan Hoover
Cameron Laferle
Abbi-Storm McCann
Melanie McLain
Jimmy Orum Jr.
Anna Stanley
Miranda Tevepaugh
Yumemi Arai
Bryan Bolin
Amber Day
Tammy Denton
Rachael Hess
Brittany Hill
Matthew Lee
Codi Palsay
Andrea Parker
Joanna White
Laura Jo Adams
Lisa Benton
Mindy Bliss
Eric Hatfield
Ashley Mueller
Soren Odom
Colin Roeder
Larkin Turner
Jennifer Williams

Outstanding Communication Concentration Award
The Outstanding Communication Concentration Award is given to an undergraduate student who has exhibited excellence in his or her track of study.
Kristina Machen, 2013-2014
Kelsey Farris, 2012-2013
Kaitlin Hadder, 2011-2012
Jaclyn Poole, 2010-2011
Morgan Smith, 2010-2011
Broadcast Journalism
Carley Bragg, 2013-2014
Cayla Brewer, 2012-2013
Ariel McSwain, 2011-2012
Lauren Carpenter, 2010-2011
Laura Piper, 2010-2011
Digital Cinema and Television
Melody Brickhouse, 2013-2014
Andi Sowers, 2012-2013
Matthew Lee, 2011-2012
Soren Odom, 2010-2011
Paige Billington, 2014-2015
Jessica Taylor, 2013-2014
Daniel New, 2012-2013
Stanley Ferrell III, 2010-2011
Organizational Communication
Mary McConnell, 2013-2014
Ethan Simantel, 2011-2012
Jennifer Williams, 2010-2011
Print Journalism
Mary Beth Lursen, 2013-2014
Cassandra Fambro, 2012-2013
Sabina Ademovic, 2011-2012
Daniela Werner, 2010-2011
Public Relations
Destinee Bliss, 2014-2015
Daniel Moran, 2013-2014
Jimmy Orum, Jr., 2012-2013
Jasmine Mallet, 2011-2012
Lisa Benton, 2010-2011
Ashley Sutter, 2010-2011

Exceptional Departmental Service Award
The Exceptional Departmental Service Award honors an undergraduate student in recognition of his or her exceptional service to the department. The student has a proven record of accomplishment in being actively involved in service and leadership to the university and the community.
Daniel Moran, 2013-2014
Jessica Head, 2012-2013
Jason Cooper, 2011-2012
Samantha Slover, 2010-2011

Exceptional Internship Award
The Exceptional Intern Award honors an undergraduate student in recognition of his or her exceptional service to the internship program. The student has a proven record of accomplishment and demonstrated leadership and excellence throughout the internship. The student's internship supervisor consistently scored the intern high in performance, behavioral and administration qualities. For eligibility, students must have completed an internship through the department's program.
Jeremy Fain, 2013-2014
Andi Sowers, 2012-2013
Heidi Harmon, 2011-2012

Exceptional Graudate Teaching Award
The Exceptional Graduate Teaching Award honors a graduate assistant for his or her dedication to teaching, departmental and student comments and level of responsibility.
Marti Normand, 2014-2015
Brittney Roberts, 2013-2014
Samantha Slover, 2012-2013
Marty Vignes, 2011-2012
Robert Byrd, 2010-2011
Erin Looney, 2010-2011

Hermanson Research Award
The Hermanson Research Award honors an undergraduate or graduate student who has conducted significant research in the area of history, law or ethics and has a high overall grade-point average among graduating students. The award honors the memory of Dr. Louise Hermanson, professor of communication, a beloved and respected professor from 1990 until her passing in 2002.
Kendra Day, "Clarifying Threats: Development to the Apex of Standardization," 2012-2013
Garrett Cain, "Gardasil: A case study in public relations ethics," 2011-2012
Heather Stanley, "From the Right or the Left: Generation Y and Their Views on Piracy, Copyright, and File Sharing," 2010-2011

Outstanding Scholarly Paper Award
The Outstanding Scholarly Paper Award honors an undergraduate or graduate communication student who authored a scholarly paper and submitted it to a publication or conference in the communication discipline. Student papers are singly authored by the student.
Sara Frye-Sobolewski, "Comment Connection" presented at the National Communication Association, 2013-2014
Nancy Jo Maples, "What Losing a daily Newspaper Means: An Upclose and Personal Look at the Death of the Daily Delivery" received "Best Student Paper" at the Southern States Communication Association, 2013-2014
Samantha Slover, "Tactics to Touchdown" received "Top Student Paper" at the Southern States Communication Association, 2012-2013
Melissa Looney, "Conan O'Brien Tonight Show Farewell: Paving the way for Team CoCo," 2011-2012
Robert Byrd, "From Outsider to Martyr: The Advocate's Coverage of Harvey Milk from 1977-1979," 2010-2011
Erin Looney, "Cheering, Jeering, and Showing Your Sign: The First Amendment and Fans' Rights to Wave Banners at Sporting Events," 2010-2011

Creative Arts Award
The Creative Arts Award honors an undergraduate or graduate student for his or her creative excellence in visual communication, multi-media, print journalism, film, television, advertising, public relations or any other field in the art of communication.
Sharisma Bell, "I am not my skin" documentary
Lathea Miskel, AEJMC logo
Whitney Patterson, Public relations for McKemie Place
Jeremy Fain, Threaded Fasteners ad and Psycho Shower scene recreation
Haley Armstrong, NSSE promotion and life-size costume
James Grillo, 95KSJ Kruise for St. Jude poster
Carley Bragg and Shelby Myers, "The Fifth Year" documentary
JT Crabtree, Outstanding contributions and promotion of Jag Radio and The Prowl
Paul Willis, Alabama Coastal Foundation video
Cayla Brewer, University of South Alabama first 50 years documentary
Kent Oki, Canon Cameras commercial
Lauren Alyson, Due South magazine layout and design
Yumemi Arai, 30-second stop motion television spot for Nissan
Jennifer Moore, Comprehensive advertising campaign pitch to Nissan
Tammy Denton, "What the 1st Amendment means to me" 3-minute DVD
Colin Roeder, Morgan Smith, Kayla Johns, Bryan Jones, Trisha LaCoste, Carolina Mendoza, Mary Candance Vegliacich and Jaclyn Poole, Advertising campaign for JCPenney
Lauren Carpenter and Laura Piper, Excellent grasp of shoorting and editing techniques and story construction in the broadcast journalism field
Soren Odom, "Seaver 2010" horror film
Elizabeth Clark, USA Department of Communication promotional pieces
Daniela Werner, The Vanguard redesign
Bryan Sherrer and Jennifer Williams, "CA 430 Top Ten Reasons to Be an Organizational Communication Major" video