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Introducing Strategic Communication 

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The Department of Communication has added Strategic Communication as a new concentration for students beginning in the fall 2015. This concentration focuses on integrating theories of advertising, public relations, visual communication, research, and audience analysis. Click here for more.

The Department’s new Strategic Communication track combines the advertising and public relations concentrations, and offers integrated courses in hopes of delivering a curriculum that allows students to expand their experience in various communication areas. These areas overlap; they are similar but different. Students can expect a more inclusive rather than divisive view of advertising and public relations---a true reflection of today’s workplace.

Professional organizations no longer see the divide between advertising, public relations and market. They expect a unified voice from their organization that encompasses all prevailing skills needed to be a strategic communicator.

The new Strategic Communication concentration in the Department of Communication will better position students to compete for new exciting communication careers after graduation. Having a strategic communication background will better prepare students in a variety of fields, ranging from marketing, to public relations and advertising. 

For more information, contact us in the main office. 


USA's Department of Communication

The purpose of the Department of Communication is to provide economically and ethically diverse students with core copetencies, within the context of a broad liberal arts and sciences cirriculum, which will prepare them to be independent, critical thinkers who uphold the highest ethical standards as communication leaders in a global society. 

Given this purpose, the department attempts to meet individual performance and career needs with a flexible curriculum. Students select one of the 5 concentrations offered and confer with their advisors to plan their courses of study. These focused areas of study help to prepare students for several employment possibilities.

The 5 concentrations of study offered in Communication are: Communication Studies, Digital Cinema and Television, Journalism (Print Journalism and Broadcast Journalism), and Strategic Communication. Students pursuing a degree in Communication must also have a minor in another discipline. 



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